Great Minds….and all that…..

Chichen Itza, a major Mayan pyramid that was recently named one of the new seven wonders of the world.

See? I’m not crazy! Someone else agrees with me–Mexico is a wonderful country.

Robert Reid, a “Lonely Planet” travel editor, who you can usually catch blogging at Reid on Travel on Blogger, just posted this piece on on why Mexico is still a great place to travel:  Travel expert: Why you should go to Mexico.

He covers many of the points I made last week in response to U.S. broadens Mexican travel warning. While I’d like to think he read my piece (Maybe Robert? Please?), I don’t have my head that far up in the clouds. Navel gazing, my writing professor likes to call it.

It’s a subject that touches all of us…even those of us far north of the border. It’s scared many people from taking what could be the vacations of their lives, and if we don’t make a stand with our neighbors to the south, the drugs and the cartels will continue to creep across the Rio Grande until Americans are afraid to visit Santa Fe and San Antonio and Dallas, as well as Mexico City and Guadalajara.

And as for me? I’d leave for Mexico tomorrow if I could. Unfortunately, I have a little thing called a job….

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