Dolphin Party

Cabo San Lucas dolphins

OK—You all (And by “you all” I mean my maybe five readers.) are going to think I’m obsessed with sea mammals by the end of this blog.

I’m not. I swear.

I’ve only been to Sea World once, and I found the experience so depressing that I’ve never been back. Who wants to see such magnificent creatures cooped up in pools that must be the equivalent of bathtubs? No wonder if they occasionally turn against their trainers. But, I digress.

I’d much rather see them in real life—especially when it involves basically stumbling across a whole pod of dolphins during your everyday, average sunset booze cruise.

I take that back. It wasn’t an everyday, average sunset booze cruise. It was an everyday average pirate sunset booze cruise. Which is the same thing plus a sword fight, cannon fire and silly hats. (No. I didn’t buy one.)

So there we were, off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, knocking back our Margaritas and Mai Tais and Piña Coladas—staving off complete intoxication with chips and salsa—and all of a sudden there they were.

Hundreds and hundreds of dolphins surrounded the Buccaneer Queen and they were magnificent—dancing and leaping through the water, and looking like they were having a great time.

(Slideshow of my best dolphin photos from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “The Whip” music by Kevin McLeod is from

They even jumped through the water in tune with the ship’s blaring rock music. I’m not sure how they did that, however.

They stayed with us for 15 or 20 minutes, until the captain (Can one even call the person who steers a booze cruise a captain?) had to turn the ship, and we left them behind, frolicking as the sun dipped below the horizon in a sight I will never forget.

Of course, I’ve always heard that dolphins are supposed to be good luck. It was also Saint Patrick’s Day and I have quite a bit of Irish blood, so it should have been doubly lucky. Too bad my suitcase didn’t get that message. (See “What can go wrong…..”)

(Here’s some video of that incredible school of dolphins from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.)

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