Mmm…(cheap) wine

I’ll say it: I’m a cheap date. (No, not that kind of cheap.)

I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner as much as the next girl, but I’m perfectly happy with a $10 (or even $7) bottle of Sutter Home Moscato or Fish Eye Chardonnay. I really don’t see the point of spending $50 or $100 on some snooty French wine, and I’ve been crass enough to pair white wine with steak. On more than one occasion.

My husband, John, and I buy local wine whenever we can. We’ve driven all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia in search of the best local vineyards. Oh, there were truly heinous wines—wines that were sour and wines that were bitter—but most were delicious: sweet and crisp Vignoles and yummy Concord, which is basically adult grape juice. And then there were the fun varieties. We sampled blueberry wine (It was actually blue!) and peach wine and strawberry-kiwi wine.

And the best part? Most local wine is within my budget: between $10 and $12.

We also have a great local wine store that hosts (free!) local wine tastings once or twice a week. Sometimes they bring local vintners, and sometimes they bring in representatives from wineries worldwide….like one recently from Italy.

I just happen to be going to Italy soon, so I thought I should drop by and do some, ahem, “research.”

As you might be able to tell from my comments above, I’m a white wine girl. I find most red wines to be too heavy and dry, but not the Montepuliano D’Abruzzo I tried. And bought. And drank with my hubby and a nice steak. It was delicious—rich, full and fruity, but not overpowering like a Merlot.

OK—that’s the extent of my wine vocabulary. But again, it was only about $10.

I really can’t wait for Italy now!

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