Should your mate get your airline upgrade? –

Should your mate get your airline upgrade? –

This article made me laugh. (Quickie post)

For one brief, shining year, I had elite status on Delta, largely thanks to a work trip to Korea. It was wonderful. I went out of my way (paying more, adding layovers) just to fly Delta. The free bags, priority boarding and, of course, free upgrades were more than worth the inconvenience.

And, maybe I’m a bad wife, but I have to say that this question never once occurred to me. Or my husband, for that matter. There was no way we were going to waste a free upgrade to first class on a four-hour flight back from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, just because there wasn’t an extra seat for him. We had just spent a wonderful week together in honor of our first anniversary, but turning down the upgrade seemed like turning down free money. Besides, John sleeps on planes and wouldn’t have appreciated first class quite as much.

Of course, neither elite status nor a first class ticket prevented Delta from breaking one of the bottles of tequila that was in my suitcase — bubble-wrapped — but that’s another story.

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