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Making Customs Easy. Easier?

I came across an interesting article in the Washington Post this morning: Going through Customs: How to make reentering the U.S. a lot more pleasant. It’s long (four pages) but a good read for anyone about to travel internationally, full … Continue reading

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Follow-up to When a Vacation Disappoints

I don’t have many followers (Yet. A girl can always dream!), so when I hear from one, I get excited and I sit up and take notice. One of my lovely readers, who has her own blog about Italy, mentioned … Continue reading

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When a Vacation Disappoints

Have you ever planned and saved for and built up a trip in your mind for so long that when it actually happened, it was…well, disappointing? I’m not talking about the sort of travel-related disasters I’ve discussed before (“What can … Continue reading

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Stuck on a Plane

It was the longest wait of my life. Well, probably not. It just felt that way. There I was, all ready for the Italian adventure I had planned and saved for for more than a year, and I was stalled, … Continue reading

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The London Riots

It’s been a week of bad news. Really. Bad. News. We had finally made it through the debt ceiling debacle, only to have our credit rating downgraded and the stock market plummet. Thirty American service men gave their lives in … Continue reading

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What can go wrong…..

There’s an old nursery rhyme that goes something like “when I’m good I’m very very good, but when I’m bad, I’m horrid.” Travel is a lot like that. There’s also my old friend Murphy, who is guaranteed to come up … Continue reading

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