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In defense of the royal wedding

Today, like millions of Americans, I got up at the insanely early hour of four a.m. to watch the royal wedding. I’m not, by the way, a morning person. My husband, who was disgusted by the whole thing, thought I … Continue reading

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U.S. broadens Mexico travel warning –

U.S. broadens Mexico travel warning – My heart skips a beat each time I see one of these travel warnings. Of course I abhor the drug and cartel violence that covers much of the country, but I also sympathize … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the front lines (of Spring Break)

Twenty-nine, I’ve recently learned, is old—far closer to 50, at least, than to 20. I made the unfortunate discovery on what was otherwise an idyllic escape from two brutal D.C. winters full of multiple two-foot blizzards and weekly ice storms—a … Continue reading

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Postcards from Cabo

Some of my favorite pictures from Los Cabos, Mexico. The area is a stunning contrast of turquoise and colbalt-blue water, powdery sand, forbidding rocks and the arid desert. The music, “Somewhere Sunny,” is courtesy of Kevin McLeod at

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Postcard One

Hola. Bienvenidos. Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many amazing journeys as we see the world together. (Confession: I don’t actually speak Spanish well. Only un poquito. A little. But since Mexico is one of my … Continue reading

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